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Büyük v. Bulgaria – 23843/17

Country Bulgaria
Status FINAL
Court ECtHR
Relevant Law Article 3, 13
Year 2022
Found for Inadmissible

The applicant, a Turkish national, was requested extradition to Turkey due to his alleged involvement in terrorist acts related to the Gülen movement in Turkey. On his way to an appointment with the Bulgarian asylum authorities, he was arrested and immediately sent back to Turkey outside a formal procedure. The applicant, who is currently detained in Turkey, claims that Bulgaria violated his rights under Articles 3 and 13 ECHR.

The Court was unable to find that the applicant was deprived of any link with the outside world during the six-month period which he had to submit his application, even if during this period he was in prison. The Court did not detect any other element in the file justifying a departure from the mandatory six-month time limit which applicants have to file their complaints. and therefore considered that the request was late. The Court therefore rejected the request as inadmissible in accordance with Article 35 §§ 1 and 4 of the Convention.