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Douaa Khatib and Others v. Greece – 3566/16

Country Greece
Court ECtHR
Relevant Law Article 2
Year N/A
Found for N/A

The applicants are the spouse and children of Belal Tello, a Syrian national who died in December 2015 while crossing from Turkey to Greece on board the IMREN I boat. The boat was detected by the Greek Coast Guard who fired upon the boat when it failed to stop. Two Syrian nationals were injured. Belal Tello died from a bullet that ricocheted off the engine of the boat. The domestic courts found the two crew members of the vessel responsible for his death and that the coastguard had acted in accordance with the rules of engagement. This complaint is submitted under Article 2, the right to live, to examine whether the use of force was necessary and if the investigation was effective under the procedural limb of the Article 2.