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K.A. and Others v Greece and Turkey – 35090/22 and 38444/22

Country Greece
Court EtCHR
Relevant Law Article(s) 2, 3, 5, 13, 34
Year 2023
Found for N/A

The case involves seven Syrian and one Palestinian asylum seekers who claim they were forcibly deported from Greece to Turkey in July and August 2022. Allegedly, they were confined on a River Evros island, and Turkish authorities forced them to cross the river on two occasions. The applicants sought Greek assistance on July 20, leading to a request for interim measures granted by the European Court of Human Rights. Despite filing a complaint with the Greek Court of Cassation Prosecutor, the applicants were allegedly abandoned on different river islands by Turkish authorities, resulting in the death of a child due to a scorpion bite.

Grievances against the Greek government include allegations of endangerment during operations, failure to provide assistance during island confinement, ill-treatment, lack of asylum procedure access, and non-compliance with interim measures. Concerning the Turkish government, the applicants claim endangerment during forced river crossings, abandonment on river islands, and subsequent transfers. This complex case underscores human rights issues, including the asylum process, treatment of migrants, and cooperation between nations, revealing the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by asylum seekers at the intersection of Greek and Turkish border policies.