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O. H, J. N. et. al. – UŽ 1823/2017

Country Serbia
Status FINAL
Court Constitutional Court
Relevant Law Articles 25, 27(1)(3), 28, 29 (1), 39(3) of the Serbian Constitution
Year 2020
Found for Applicant

The case concerned a forcible removal of several refugees from Afghanistan, who entered Serbia from Bulgaria and were pushed back although they expressed the intention to seek asylum in Serbia. The Constitutional Court found that the actions of Border Police in Gradina violated the Applicants right to liberty from Art. 27(3) in conjuction with Art. 29(1) of the Constitution and their right to freedom of movement from Art. 39(3) in conjunction with Art. 25 of the Constitution. Other complaints from the constitutional complaint were either dismissed or rejected. The Court also awarder the Applicants compensation.