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S.S. v Greece – 30221/21

Country Greece
Court ECtHR
Relevant Law Article 2
Year N/A
Found for N/A

The application concerns a shipwreck that occurred, according to the applicant, a Syrian national, on the night of 22 to 23 October 2019 off the Greek island of Kos. The applicant alleges that the boat in which she was travelling with her minor child, F.K., born in 2017, sank following a collision with a Hellenic coast guard vessel. The shipwreck resulted in the death of F.K. The applicant filed criminal charges with the public prosecutor, while a case was opened against two persons who had been on the same boat as the applicant accused of causing the shipwreck. The Criminal Court of Kos found the two guilty of causing the shipwreck without investigating the potential culpability of the Hellenic Coast Guard.