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Shahzad Khurram v Hungary – 37967/18

Country Hungary
Status FINAL
Court ECtHR
Relevant Law Article 3
Year 2023
Found for Applicant

The application concerns the alleged ill-treatment of the applicant, a Pakistani national, by Hungarian law enforcement officers and the inadequacy of the ensuing investigations. Crossing the Serbian-Hungarian border on foot, the applicant entered Hungarian territory irregularly on 11 August 2016. The applicant alleged that him and other migrants were physically assaulted by the officers, who were kicking and hitting them, some using police batons. The applicant suffered various injuries, including several bruises and a bleeding head wound. He was apprehended on the next day and returned to Serbia. His case concerning the removal to Serbia was decided positively for the applicant in the case Shahzad v Hungary (Application no. 12625/17).