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2024 Rule of Law Report: Bulgaria

Date 15 January, 2024
Category Policy Brief

The Rule of Law Report 2024 for Bulgaria highlights various issues within the country’s justice system, including concerns regarding amendments to the Constitution. Criticism encompasses the legal technique of proposed amendments, the division of the Supreme Judicial Council, attempts to strengthen the role of the Minister of Justice, and limitations on the powers of the Prosecutor General.

Additionally, it discusses a draft act aimed at amending asylum and refugee laws to align with EU standards. Concerns are raised about the accessibility of courts and instances of pushbacks involving violence against people on the move, indicating systemic issues within Bulgaria’s border procedures and judicial oversight. Furthermore, the report highlights challenges to media pluralism and freedom of the press, revealing a decline in journalist independence, a toxic work environment, and a lack of trust in state protection, as outlined in a survey by Alpha Research. These findings underscore widespread corruption, pressure, and transparency issues in media ownership.