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Balkan Region – Report August 2019

Date 13 September, 2019
Category Monthly Report

The Border Violence Monitoring Network has just published it’s August report summarizing the current situation regarding pushbacks and police violence in the Western Balkans, primarily in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Se​rbian borders with Croatia and Hungary, but also including Italy, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Greece.

This report analyzes, among other things:

  • Torture: Recurrence of extreme violence and abuse
  • Pushback from Italy
  • Beyond police: Actors within the pushback framework
  • Further dispersion of pushback sites in NW Bosnia
  • Trends in pushback sites to and from Greece

More broadly, monitoring work continues to note the trans-national and bilateral cooperation between EU member states in the north of the Balkan route. Instances of chain pushbacks from Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, though relatively rare, offer insight into the web of actors engaged in the refoulement of groups across multiple borders, and liminality of due process in these cases. The intersection of unlawful acts also raises key concerns about aiding and abetting of pushbacks by Brussels. Specifically, analysis from this month elaborates on the involvement of Frontex in facilitating pushbacks.




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