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Criminalisation report: 2022-2023

Date 28 May, 2024
Category Special Report

This report documents cases of criminalisation targeting people on the move and actors supporting them, within the scope of BVMN’s Member Organisations, during 2022 and 2023. It introduces the concept of criminalisation, examining the political and legal context, key actors and targets, and forms of criminalisation targeting people on the move and those defending their rights. The report highlights the several forms of criminalisation against people on the move and Human rights defenders with country specific examples. It describes formal criminalisation through legislation, judicial procedures and investigations, and informal within scrutiny, media defamation, surveillance, threats, harassment, and violence. In the wake of EU developments like the New Pact and the Facilitator’s package, the report underscores the increasingly growing tendency of criminalisation of migration and the respectively shrinking space for those defending the rights of people on the move.