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Input by Civil Society Organisations to the EUAA Asylum Report 2024 – by Border Violence Monitoring Network

Date 15 February, 2024
Category Policy Brief Special Report

BVMN was invited to submit a contribution to the European Union Asylum Agency’s Annual Report covering the year 2023 to provide evidence and data regarding migration and violence against people on the move.

It is important to understand that BVMN does not necessarily endorse or agree with the findings published in the EUAA’s reports, as BVMN questions the objectivity of these findings. BVMN deems it crucial to provide field information and evidence to all EU institutions and agencies. However, it is important to note that BVMN neither endorses nor agrees with the conclusions drawn in the EUAA reports. BVMN calls the objectivity of these reports into doubt, claiming they are influenced by the necessity to justify the Agency’s existence, creation, and expansion. BVMN acknowledges numerous reports highlighting significant deficiencies in the Agency’s work, ranging from self-imposed quota limitations on recommendations for international protection to allegations of covering up irregularities and a lack of accountability. BVMN also urges that the information from our contribution not be reframed or reformulated to cast doubt upon our findings.

This submission by BVMN outlines concerning trends in Europe’s treatment of people on the move and asylum seekers, particularly women and other vulnerable groups. Instances of violence, including sexual assault and death, highlight the dangers faced during migration journeys. Additionally, the criminalisation of humanitarian organizations and Human Rights Defenders poses obstacles to essential support services. Frontex’s actions, including non-assistance during emergencies and failure to uphold human rights standards, have raised significant concerns about their accountability and compliance with fundamental rights. Overall, the submission underscores the urgent need for better protection mechanisms, accountability for human rights violations, and stronger safeguards for people on the move in Europe.