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Summary of BVMN Webinar

Date 1 December, 2023
Category Policy Brief

Understanding the Pact: How the EU is Abolishing the Right to Asylum

On 27 November 2023, the BVMN hosted a webinar with speakers from Refugee Support Aegean, Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI), the University of Keele and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. We discussed some provisions outlined in the pact – namely, the Screening Regulation, Asylum Procedures Regulation, and the topic of ‘instrumentalisation’ – and how they have already played out in reality in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Poland. Co-legislators are speeding towards closing political negotiations by Christmas, whilst key fundamental rights concerns still remain with the Pact in its current formulation.

Read this summary for an outline of what was discussed.

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