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Torture, Covid-19 and border pushbacks: Stories of migration to Europe at the time of Covid-19

Date 9 April, 2021
Category Special Report

The lived experience of people navigating the EU external border during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharper focus the way border violence has become embedded within the landscape of migration. Here BVMN are sharing a feature article and comic strip from artistic journalist collective Brush&Bow which relays the human stories behind pushbacks, and the protracted violence which has come to characterise journeys along the Balkan Route. The researchers and artists spent time with transit communities along the Western Balkan Route, as well as speaking to network members Centre for Peace Studies, No Name Kitchen & Info Kolpa about their work. Combined with the indepth article (linked below) the comic strip brings to life much of the oral testimonies collected in the BVMN shared database, visualising movement and aspiration – as well as the counterforce of border violence.

Authors: Roshan De Stone and David Leone Suber
Illustrations and multimedia: Hannah Kirmes Daly
(Brush&Bow C.I.C)
Funded by: The Journalism Fund

Click here for the comic in high resolution

Read the full article here: