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Violence Within State Borders: Greece

Date 28 February, 2022
Category Violence within Borders

This report considers violence within state borders experienced by people-on the-move (herein POM) and those seeking asylum in Greece. It draws on 40 testimonies collected in the last months of violence in detention, police brutality, racist violence, and hate crimes, as well as open- source data on structural forms of violence present in the management of migration and asylum in Greece. Since the BVMN’s last report on internal violence in Greece in October 2020, the situation has continued to deteriorate, leaving POM at increasing risk of both physical, actual harm, and structural violence against their living conditions and immediate amenities.

This report is part of a relatively new branch of our network that documents violence within a state’s borders on a recurring basis. Here, we look more broadly at violence against people-on-the-move in Greece and contextualize it in the political context. In the report you will find:

  • a case-study of Paranesti Pre-Removal Detention Center
    • Violence in the Port of Patras
    • evictions

    Read the full report below for extended analysis and testimonies by people-on-the-move, as informed by our long-term monitoring through qualitative and quantitative observations of the situation on the ground by BVMN’s partner organizations.

    This report was produced within the Border Violence Monitoring Network’s (BVMN) Internal Violence Working group. BVMN is a network of watchdog organizations active in Greece and the Western Balkans including No Name Kitchen, Rigardu, Are You Syrious, MobileInfoTeam, Push-back Alarm Austria, Josoor, InfoKolpa, Centre for Peace Studies, BlindSpots, Mare Liberum, Collective Aid, and Fresh Response. As such, this document was produced through joint collaboration of these groups.