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The police and the judge warned him that if he would try to cross one more time he would be sent to jail for two months

Date & Time 2018-01-02
Location Tovarnik, Croatia
Reported by No Name Kitchen
Coordinates 45.1648822, 19.1522058
Pushback from Croatia
Pushback to Serbia
Taken to a police station unknown
Minors involved no
WLTI* involved no
Men involved no
Age unknown
Group size 1
Countries of origin Afghanistan
Treatment at police station or other place of detention detention, fingerprints taken, photos taken, personal information taken
Overall number of policemen and policewomen involved unknown
Violence used exposure to air condition and extreme temperature during car ride
Police involved Croatian and Serbian police

A man from Afghanistan tried to cross the Serbo-Croatian border, by hiding in a truck. At the scanner check on the Croatian side of the border crossing Sid – Tovarnik he was caught by the Croatian police. They were searching the truck for two hours, removing pieces of the truck. When they found him they started to yell at him and took a picture of him inside the truck.

The police didn’t let him take his shoes from the truck. He asked for asylum but the police was laughing at him saying “Terrorist, terrorist!”. He was taken to a small room at the border crossing where the police asked for his personal data filling out some forms, and they also took his fingerprints. They didn’t give him any of these papers.

They put him in a police van and turned on the cold air conditioning, he was kept there for 2 hours. Afterwards Croatian police transferred him directly to the Serbian border police. He was still without shoes. Serbian police drove him to the police station in Sid where they were asking him for his shoes commenting “Croatian police crazy!”.

The police in Sid asked him for his personal information. He went to court where the judge asked for the reasons why he was attempting to cross the border. During the trial the judge didn’t give him possibility to pay a fine for an illegal border crossing. He was sent directly to jail in Sremska Mitrovica where he was kept for 10 days. The police and the judge warned him that if he would try to cross one more time he would be sent to jail for two months.