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Date & Time 2022-02-09
Location Near Felsoszentivan, in the 55 highway of Hungary
Reported by No Name Kitchen
Coordinates 46.182517, 19.220875
Pushback from Hungary
Pushback to Serbia
Taken to a police station no
Minors involved yes
WLTI* involved no
Men involved yes
Age 8 - 35
Group size 11
Countries of origin Syria
Treatment at police station or other place of detention
Overall number of policemen and policewomen involved 6
Violence used beating (with batons/hands/other), kicking, pushing people to the ground, insulting, pepper spray, destruction of personal belongings
Police involved 6 , 1 black van and 1 black pick-up

On Friday, the 2nd of September 2022, at 8:00 am, a group of 11 people from Syria got pushed back from Hungary to Serbia. The group consisted of 9 men between 25 to 35 years old and 2 children, 8 and 9 years old.

The respondent narrated the group left the Serbian town of Sombor to cross the border that divides Serbia from Hungary.
The respondent recalled walking for around 7 km after crossing the border when the group was seen by the authorities.
Then 2 cars reached them, one black van and one black pick-up, inside the cars 6 officers wearing black shirts and army pants.
The respondent recounted the officers forced them to crouch down on the ground and started beating them, the group was kicked and punched.