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Balkan Region – Report June 2019

Date 13 July, 2019
Category Monthly Report

No Name Kitchen and Border Violence Monitoring have published a common report summarizing current developments in pushbacks and police violence in the Western Balkans, mainly in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and along the Serbian borders with Croatia and Hungary.

As such, this report contains analysis and a review of the situation in these areas as well. This report covers 41 reports of push-backs involving 237 people in transit. 21 of these were incidents of push-backs to BiH, 4 of these were incidents of push-backs to Serbia, and 4 of these were incidents of push-backs from BiH to Montenegro. The reports were conducted with a wide demographic variety of respondents ranging from families to single men to unaccompanied minors. The respondents to these reports also originate from a wide variety of countries such as Tunisia, Kurdistan Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Algeria to name a few.

Threport details, among other things:
  • Push-backs to the Sturlic area of the Una-Sana Canton
  • The use of balaclava masks as an accessory to push-back violence
  • The Croatian Ministry of the Interior’s June media event in Grabovac
  • The trend of reverse flows along the Balkan Route
  • The publication of an open letter by a hiker in Croatia who witnessed the apprehension of a transit group by the country’s Special Police
  • The situation in northern Serbia related to border violenc

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