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Italian Court Ruling on Chain Pushback

Date 22 January, 2021
Category Press Release

A new ruling from the Court of Rome has been released, finding in favour of an applicant who was subject to an illegal chain pushback from Italy, via Slovenia and Croatia, to Bosnia-Herzegovina. This important development was brought to the court by Italian legal association ASGI, and supported by the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN), who provided a first hand testimony from the applicant. The court found unequivocal evidence of violations of international law, and acknowledged the applicant’s right to enter Italy immediately, and to full and proper access to the asylum system.

Picture of the transit group close to Trieste, confirming they had been in Italy (Source:BVMN)

The pushback, which was recorded by BVMN member Fresh Response in Sarajevo, involved violations from all three EU member states who combined to eject the transit group into Bosnia-Herzegovina. In particular, the court found Italian authorities, who initiated the pushback, to have breached:

        • Access to asylum
        • Obligations on Non-refoulement
        • Application of detention
        • Right to effective remedies

You can read more about the ruling in the press release below:

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