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Press Release: Croatia carries out mass deportations of people on the move to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 31 March, 2023
Category Press Release

This week, the Croatian police began a new and alarming practice of interception, detention and deportation of people on the move to Bosnia and Herzegovina en masse, transporting them by buses to the border crossings, where they are handed over to Bosnian authorities.

According to the testimonies of the victims of the expulsion, which were confirmed yesterday by the authorities of the Una-Sana Canton, the Croatian police intercept people on the move across the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, after which they are often escorted to police stations in unmarked vehicles.

BVMN expresses great concern about this new practice and calls on the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia to make an immediate clarification of the matter, and provide all rights guaranteed by law, including the right to international protection, access to appeals procedures, information regarding rights afforded by law, translation throughout proceedings and free legal assistance to all people on the move found in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

[For more information see the document. Also available in Croatian HR]