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Violence Within State Borders: Greece

Date 24 January, 2024
Category Violence within Borders

This report is the product of the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) who documents violence against people on the move in Greece. In addition to recording testimonies of pushbacks across international borders, BVMN collects evidence of physical, material, and structural violence against people on the move within state borders. The Internal Violence Report draws from testimonies collected in the last months pertaining to conditions in detention, violence in detention, police brutality, racist violence, interrupted pushbacks and hate crimes. Focused on Greece, this report analyses deliberate acts of physical violence in addition to the indirect, structural violence inherent in the widespread practice of denying access to decent living conditions, adequate food and water, healthcare and psychological support within Greek detention facilities. In this way, the report seeks to document both the active and insidious forms of violence people on the move face within diverse spaces of containment in Greece.