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“A football between the Greek and Turkish Army”: Evros Islets, One Year On

Date 9 August, 2023
Category Press Release

Exactly one year ago to date, BVMN published it’s first statement on the case that later became known as the ‘Evros 38’, garnering international attention and resulting in smear capaigns and criminalisation of those involved. One year on, the situation has only continued and systematised with situations such as these becoming everyday practice. Today, BVMN is publishing another statement pertaining to a transit group of approximately 52 people who have been stranded on a small islet near the village of Lagyna on Greek territory since 13 July 2023, including children as young as three years old, pregnant women and elderly individuals. Again, Interim Measures have been indicated by the European Court of Human Rights and again they have been ignored. The group report being pushed and pulled between both sides of the river bank, being subject to severe ill-treatment, and being beaten so severely that two members of the group are missing, presumed dead.

We call on Greece to respect the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights and provide the group access to material reception conditions. We call for a full and truly independent investigation into the continuous systematic breaches of international and Union human rights law in the Evros region.

As always, we stand in solidarity with all people on the move and call for an end to the systematic and illegal practices at Europe’s borders.

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